How Special Needs Programs Can Help You

Adaptive golf, is remaining to expand in appeal, as additional advocacy, customized devices, special needs sports guideline, and options become available. Together, these sources are driving momentum and championing the reason to assist literally challenged players discover, delight in and remain to play the sporting event.

There are greater than 55 million \* handicapped people in the United States. According to the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA), 17 million wish to play golf however simply 5 million play today. Many who want to discover specified that golf centers really did not understand how or want to giving them.

Whether you want to discover the video game or hone your skills, there is a golf program for those in a wheelchair, disabled pros, amputees, those with a movement, MS, spastic paralysis, vision impairments or any kind of class of folks with disabilities or mobility issues.

Many options exist for whatever quits you from taking pleasure in the video game of golf, from carts to clubs to accessories and specialty devices.

Adaptive golf carts now have swivel and extending seats and armrests to play while seated in addition to raising lifts that permit paraplegics and others with restricted leg strength to play from a standing position.
• Adaptive golf clubs could have special grips for those with missing fingers, warped hands, osteo arthritis or loss of strength. Some are specialized for seated or standing golf enthusiasts. Some club shafts are angled for seated people.
• Gloves and grip helps include prosthetic golf grip devices, flexible clutching devices and additional.
• Accessories include tee setters and ball retrieval devices to lessen bending. One gadget even supports your balance.

Look for a adapted sports program for those with disabilities in your area to obtain tailored guideline from golf trainers approved to instruct. To read more, Google “adaptive golf.” It also look into nationwide associations like the National Alliance for Accessible Golf (, Disabled Sports USA (, United States Golf Assoc. ( or Royal Canadian Golf Assoc. (